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Redistricting Scorecard

The decennial redistricting process has been completed in all 43 states. (Seven states have at-large districts and do not redraw lines.) The new maps were drawn by state legislatures, independent commissions, court panels and, in some cases, judges. Eleven states ended up with at least one contest that pits two Members against each other. Two states are still awaiting final preclearance from the U.S. Justice Department. One map — Maryland’s — will be on the ballot this fall as a referendum.

State Date Completed Seat Gain/Loss Number of districts in 2012 What Happened Member vs. Member Voting Rights Act Preclearance
Alabama 6/8/11 0 7 There is an increased GOP tilt in Republican-held districts; the map strengthened the Democratic majority-minority 7th district. No Cleared 11/21/11
Arkansas 4/14/11 0 4 The Democratic Legislature extended the boundaries of the 4th district, the state's only Democratic-held seat, farther northwest, making it more Republican. No No
Arizona 1/17/12 1 9 An independent commission made several changes, redrawing the map in a way that favors Democrats. The new district was drawn to be a tossup seat. Ben Quayle (R) vs. David Schweikert (R) Cleared 4/9/12
California 8/15/11 0 53 The new independent commission totally revamped the map, leading to retirements and putting several incumbents in danger. Janice Hahn (D) vs. Laura Richardson (D); Brad Sherman (D) vs. Howard Berman (D) Cleared 1/17/12
Colorado 12/5/11 0 7 A court implemented a Democratic-friendly map that shored up Rep. Cory Gardner's (R) district for the GOP. Rep. Mike Coffman (R) is now in a much more competitive district. No No
Connecticut 2/10/12 0 5 The redistricting commission was unable to agree, so the state Supreme Court tasked an independent expert called a 'special master' with drawing the map. Few changes were made. No No
Florida 2/16/12 2 27 The GOP Legislature left some districts vulnerable to a Democratic pickup, including the south coastal 22nd district. But Republicans also shored up their territory and added one GOP-leaning and one Democratic-leaning seat to the new map. Sandy Adams (R) vs. John Mica (R) Cleared 4/30/12
Georgia 9/7/11 1 14 While shoring up GOP districts and moving many geographically the GOP-controlled Legislature put Rep. John Barrow's (D) political future in danger. They drew him out of his district and made it substantially more Republican. The new district was placed in the northeast portion of the state and numbered as the 9th. No Cleared 12/23/11
Hawaii 9/26/11 0 2 A nine-member politician commission left the map largely untouched. The 2nd district decreased in size, but Democrats still have the edge in both districts. No No
Idaho 10/18/11 0 2 A bipartisan commission moved the line separating the two districts three miles to the west. The population of Boise's Ada County is still split almost exactly in two. The GOP remains favored in both seats. No No
Illinois 6/24/11 -1 18 Democrats in the state Legislature drew new lines that could result in the GOP losing four seats. Republicans lost their lawsuit challenging the map. Adam Kinzinger (R) defeated Don Manzullo (R) No
Indiana 5/10/11 0 9 Republicans made the Democratic-held northern 2nd district more favorable to the GOP and shored up the Republican-leaning 9th district. A few competitive counties in Southern Indiana were shifted into the 8th district, effectively making it slightly more Democratic. No No
Iowa 4/19/11 -1 4 Each of the state's four quadrants is now a separate district. Tom Latham (R) vs. Leonard Boswell (D) No
Kansas 6/7/12 0 4 After the GOP Legislature deadlocked, a federal judge drew a map with minimal changes. Only the 2nd district was deemed possibly competitive after the changes. No No
Kentucky 2/10/12 0 6 The state Legislature passed an incumbent-protection map, which shored up Rep. Ben Chandler's (D) seat. No No
Louisiana 4/14/11 -1 6 The Republican-drawn map effectively eliminated the 3rd district and solidified other GOP territory; the majority-minority 2nd district stretches from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Charles Boustany (R) vs. Jeff Landry (R) Cleared 8/1/11
Maine 9/28/11 0 2 While the new map moved Waterville and Winslow into the 1st district and 11 municipalities into the 2nd, Maine's two districts remain almost identical politically. No No
Maryland 10/20/11 0 8 The Democratic-controlled Legislature altered the 6th district substantially, endangering Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R). Rep. Donna Edwards' (D) 4th district lost portions of more liberal Montgomery County and gained more of conservative Anne Arundel. Map critics successfully petitioned to put the lines before voters as a referendum this fall. No No
Massachusetts 11/21/11 -1 9 The state's western 1st district was combined with the Springfield-based district of Rep. Richard Neal (D). Other Democratic incumbents were shored up with the exception of Rep. John Tierney (D). No No
Michigan 8/9/11 -1 14 Republicans drew Reps. Gary Peters (D) and Sander Levin (D) into the same district, but Peters opted to challenge Rep. Hansen Clarke (D) instead. GOP mapmakers substantially strengthened the GOP-leaning 11th district while also shoring up Republican Reps. Dan Benishek and Tim Walberg. Gary Peters (D) vs. Hansen Clarke (D) Cleared 2/28/12
Minnesota 2/21/12 0 8 A panel selected by the Minnesota Supreme Court chief justice left the map largely unchanged. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) was drawn out of her 6th district but chose to run for re-election there anyway. The 2nd district, represented by Rep. John Kline (R), was made slightly more competitive. No No
Mississippi 12/30/11 0 4 The state Legislature didn't act, so the federal court, which drew lines in 2002, adjusted the map for population growth. No Not needed because the map was drawn by the court
Missouri 5/4/11 -1 8 Two Democratic-held districts in St. Louis were combined into one predominately African-American district. William Lacy Clay (D) vs. Russ Carnahan (D) No
Nebraska 5/26/11 0 3 Only minor changes. No No
Nevada 10/27/11 1 4 The court-drawn map includes one safe district for each party, a Democratic-leaning district and one tossup. No No
New Hampshire 4/23/12 0 2 The GOP Legislature approved a compromise map that made only minor changes to the current line. GOP Reps. Charles Bass and Frank Guinta remain vulnerable. No Awaiting
New Jersey 12/23/11 -1 12 The independent tie-breaker on the Redistricting Commission drew Rep. Steven Rothman's (D) residence into Rep. Scott Garrett's (R) 5th district. Rothman opted to run against Rep. Bill Pascrell (D) in the safe Democratic 9th district instead. Bill Pascrell (D) defeated Steven Rothman (D) No
New Mexico 12/29/11 0 3 A state judge approved a court-drawn plan that makes no significant changes to the lines or competitiveness of the state's three districts. The Albuquerque-based 1st district remains the most competitive. No No
New York 3/19/12 -2 27 A federal judge redrew the Congressional map after the state Legislature deadlocked. The new map is quite competitive, and New York could be a battleground for a half-dozen House races in the decade to come. No No
North Carolina 12/7/11 0 13 The GOP Legislature drew two sets of Democratic incumbents into the same districts while increasing the Republican lean of four already vulnerable Democratic districts. It also strengthened the GOP tilt of freshman Rep. Renee Ellmers' (R) district. No Cleared 12/8/11
Ohio 12/15/11 -2 16 Republicans shored up most of their freshman Members but moved three Democrats and three Republicans into three districts: Reps. Dennis Kucinich (D) and Marcy Kaptur (D), Betty Sutton (D) and Jim Renacci (R), and Michael Turner (R) and Steve Austria (R). Austria retired rather than face Turner. Republicans also drew a new safe Democratic district in downtown Columbus. Marcy Kaptur (D) defeated Dennis Kucinich (D); Betty Sutton (D) vs. Jim Renacci (R) No
Oklahoma 5/10/11 0 5 Only minor tweaks were made to district lines. No No
Oregon 6/30/11 0 5 The biggest changes in the Legislature-drawn map came in the Democratic-leaning 1st and 5th districts, both of which lost portions of Portland's Multnomah County. The changes aren't drastic. No No
Pennsylvania 12/22/11 -1 18 Republican mapmakers shored up GOP freshmen with the new map, especially Rep. Lou Barletta. But a few GOP Members still represent competitive districts around Philadelphia. In southwestern Pennsylvania, Republicans drew Democratic Reps. Mark Critz and Jason Altmire into the same GOP-leaning district. Mark Critz (D) defeated Jason Altmire (D) No
Rhode Island 2/8/12 0 2 The Democratic-controlled statehouse passed a map that shifted Democratic voters from the 1st district to the 2nd district. The move helps vulnerable Rep. David Cicilline (D). No No
South Carolina 8/1/11 1 7 The new 7th district was added to the northeastern part of the state; the new map strengthened the districts of Reps. Joe Wilson (R), Mick Mulvaney (R) and James Clyburn (D). No Cleared 10/28/11
Tennessee 1/26/12 0 7 The state Legislature solidified the current districts, likely ensuring a seven Republican/two Democrat split for the foreseeable future. The map substantially shored up GOP Rep. Stephen Fincher's 8th district. No No
Texas 2/28/12 4 36 Texas is currently operating under a federal court-ordered interim map. The state Legislature's map awaits a preclearance ruling, and it is highly unlikely to happen. If that map is not approved, the Legislature will have to redraw again in 2013. No Awaiting
Utah 10/20/11 1 4 Republicans have a good chance of winning all four districts after the GOP-controlled Legislature split up Salt Lake County into three districts. Rep. Jim Matheson's (D) district was overhauled, and he's now running in a new district. No No
Virginia 1/25/12 0 11 Republicans in the Legislature passed an incumbent-protection plan that gives the GOP an opportunity to control eight of the 11 seats for the next 10 years. No Cleared 3/14/12
Washington 2/7/12 1 10 The new 10-district map approved by a bipartisan redistricting commission made Republican and Democratic incumbents safer and gave Democrats a favorable new district. No No
West Virginia 8/18/11 0 3 The map remains nearly identical with one county moving from the 2nd district to the 3rd. No No
Wisconsin 8/9/11 0 8 The Republican-drawn map seeks to shore up Rep. Sean Duffy's (R) 7th district, although it remains competitive. No No